FFGA Partners support an Adult Financial Fitness Contest that engages participants to actively manage their personal finances. Participants are asked to read the instructions and follow the directions. Everyone must complete an online application and submit an essay (not to exceed 900 words) on how they manage their household finances using a spending plan (commonly referred to as a budget). Adults have the option to prepare a spending plan for their private monthly use and free annual/semi-annual review with a finance professional of your choice. 

The FFGA Youth Essay Contest is aimed at helping students develop financial knowledge using concepts (i.e., how to save wisely, understand how to create and follow a  youth spending plan, recognize the importance of paying for your college education) and becoming better prepared for future roles as college students, consumers, savers and investors, and future leaders. In support of Financial Literacy Month, the Financial Fitness Greater Austin (FFGA) Essay Contest encourages middle school and high school students in the Greater Austin area to answer this year’s Youth Essay question.