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Financial Fitness Greater Austin (FFGA) is an education and awareness initiative in the Greater Austin area.

 During FFGA week, April 9-18, 2022, everyone in Greater Austin can learn good money handling skills to help them reach their dreams.



FFGA gives people in Greater Austin the basic financial skills and knowledge to help them build strong financial futures. FFGA is put on by thAlliance for Economic Inclusion.

Our Goals: 

  • Promote financial literacy, and

  • Provide money management tools needed to manage finances effectively

Financial literacy means:

  • Helping people understand financial choices and make wise decisions

  • Helping people build a positive credit score

  • Showing people ways to reduce debt

Middle School Award Winners in 2019


FFGA classes are April 9-21, 2022. Everyone in Greater Austin can learn  good money handling skills to help  reach their dreams. Join us for Money Smart webinars where you will learn from community experts how to manage money successfully. Classes are intended for people of all ages!

                    At least 1 class is required for participation in essay contest. 

View Class Rules 


Youth & Adult Essay Contest 2022

Applications open April 6, 2022

Deadline to submit May 6, 2022
By 5:00 PM (CT) 

IMPORTANT: All participants in classes, interviews, and award session MUST be on camera. Please check your settings prior to the class, interview, or award session and advise if you experience a problem at least 24 hours in advance of the event. 

Youth Financial Fitness Contests
The FFGA Youth Essay Contest is aimed at helping students develop financial knowledge using concepts (i.e., how to save wisely, understand how to create and follow a  youth spending plan, recognize the importance of paying for your college education) and becoming better prepared for future roles as college students, consumers, savers and investors, and future leaders. In support of Financial Literacy Month, the Financial Fitness Greater Austin (FFGA) Essay Contest encourages middle school and high school students in the Greater Austin area to answer this year’s Youth Essay question.

Download Middle School Student FFGA Contest Application

Download High School Student FFGA Contest Application 

Adult Financial Fitness Contest
FFGA Partners support an Adult Financial Fitness Contest that engages participants to actively manage their personal finances. Participants are asked to read the instructions and follow the directions. Everyone must complete an online application and submit an essay. The adult participant finalists selected will need to interview to win prize money.​ Essays are judged by a panel of community leaders of the FFGA Adult Contest Committee.  All essays become the property of Financial Fitness Greater Austin and may be used to promote financial education. 

Download Adult FFGA Contest Application 

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